Most of SixLeaf's tools requires that you create and maintain a good connection between Amazon Seller Central and SixLeaf. Tools like ZonBlast Next, Guard, Sense, and more will not function without the connection.

Please note: you must have a professional level Amazon Seller Central account, otherwise you will not be able to provide the necessary information required for linking to SixLeaf.

Granting access to SixLeaf is easy and secure. Follow the steps below to integrate your first, or additional Seller Central accounts with SixLeaf.

1. Login to SixLeaf

2. On the left hand menu, or via the dropdown menu under profile, click Integrations:


3. Click the Add Integration button:


4. Click the button which says "Click here to login to Amazon & Authorize SixLeaf":


5. You will be taken to Seller Central's Amazon AMS integration screen which will pre-populate like so:


6. Click the check mark agreeing t the terms:


7. Upon successful integration, you will be presented with a notice providing information we'll need to complete sign up:


8. Back in SixLeaf, set the internal SixLeaf name for this integration, copy-paste your Seller ID, MWS Auth token, and marketplace ID from step 7 above into the corresponding fields and click Submit:


9. A confirmation dialogue will appear, and we'll start the connection. Please note: depending on the number of products in your account this could take several minutes. Please do not see alarmed if you see a notice saying MWS has been disconnected.

10. Upon completion of the connection on SixLeaf's side, You will see a status of "Authorized":

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