For all “Build” services (Optimize + Review Rush), SixLeaf offers a 30 day guarantee. If You are unsatisfied with the “Build” service results, quality, or any other reason, you may notify SixLeaf up to 30 days post-delivery and request a full refund. Refund for “Build” services is conditional upon You immediately ceasing use of the deliverables for that order. Upon request for refund, copyright for those deliverables transfers back to SixLeaf.

For all ZonBlast 3.0, including Impulse, services and plans, given the nature of the platform there is generally no obligation to provide a refund or credit, especially as in cases of changing mind about purchase, purchase by mistake, insufficient expertise in using the service, requesting goodwill, insufficient inventory, cessation of your business, cessation of participation in the Amazon seller platform.

In subscribing to ZonBlast 3.0 you understand that you may cancel your plan at any time however no refunds will be issued.

For all ZonBlast 2.0/Legacy clients, please note that regardless of whether credits have been used or not, no refunds are issued and credits do not convey cash value.

For all Suite service plans, we provide a free trial for your evaluation of the software. No refunds will be given for cancellation of the Suite Plan services.

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