To get started with the new SixLeaf app, you'll need to integrate your Amazon account. To do so head over to the Integrations page which can be accessed in the left menu via Account > Integrations, or via top right profile menu > Integrations

Once you're on the Integrations page, click the Add Integration button:

You'll see a new screen that prompts you to click a button to authorize SixLeaf with Amazon and to enter your relevant Seller Central account information

Once submitted, we'll process your integration and you'll be able to access your products through SixLeaf going forward. Once integration is complete, you'll see a status of "Authorized".

Note: Depending on the number of products within your Seller Central account, it may take several minutes for your account to integrate in full. If it's been more than 4 hours since you started your integration and the status is not yet "Authorized" please reach out to us via the chat button on every page of your account.

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