The simple answer: it depends.

The goal of a Blast is to juice the algorithm with enough concentrated power directed at one or more keywords such that you rank relatively quickly.

However, PPC can be a bit of a distraction during a Blast, particularly if using our more-keyword centric Lynx URL options such as Heatseeker.

If you are ranking high in PPC (ie: outbidding competitors) for the targeted term, and buyers that you send via our Flows or ZonBlast Next see the offer, they're likely to click it via sponsored ads.

This isn't terrible for your listing and in fact helps both sponsored ads performance as well as overall ranking, however you missed out on the full effect of ranking for this targeted term.

Therefore, when preparing your Blast, consider turning off bids for the targeted term(s) temporarily so that the full force and effect of Heatseeker can be seen.

If you choose use a Lynx URL that places the buyer on your listing directly, the above can be disregarded.

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