While it is nearly impossible to see 100% of the codes taken cashed in, our client’s typically see an 80-90% cash in rate provided the offer and listing are within our recommended guidelines. While we quality check your promotion the day before it starts, there are a few reasons that you may have seen significantly lower number than this.

1. The promo codes did not provide the proper discount making the final price higher that what the offer was for. Some people might consider this misleading (even if it was a mistake) and choose not to use the code they received.

2. Another thing that could cause this is that you were not the only seller on the listing at the time the promo went out and the other seller was winning the buy box and thus the codes would not have been valid for those trying to purchase if it wasn’t your offer in the buy box.

3. The codes stopped working in the middle of your promotion. If your codes were active at the time of the promotion and expire during, the promotion will not work, even though you see codes taken. It's important when creating the coupon codes to make sure they are live until the evening of the last day of your promotion for best results.

NOTE: If you are looking for a maximum amount of codes taken every single day, the larger the discount, the better your code redemption results will be.

If you not seeing the results you prefer, cancel your ongoing promotion and create a brand new promotion in SixLeaf with new codes from Seller Central with a larger discount.

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