1. What is ZonBlast and what do you do?

ZonBlast is a promotional ranking service. We work with for the U.S. Amazon Marketplace currently. We deliver your products through promotions to our private audience to increase your listings rank and provided much needed exposure within Amazon's search pages. We have an ever-growing audience, ready to cash in on your promotion. ZonBlast cuts out the countless hours, and dollars, it would take you testing and retesting the placing of social media ads to promote your promotion. The goal here is to juice the Amazon algorithm with an increase in sales. The results are a spike in ranking for your relevant keywords due to sales velocity over a short period of time.

2. How does it all work?

The point behind our promotions is to drastically increase the keyword ranking of relevant keywords for your product. Increasing the rankings of relevant keywords to your listing, exposes your product to more people searching for a product just like yours on amazon.com

Simply put, higher rankings for keywords allow more people see your product and you have a better opportunity for sales.

Ideally, your listing will convert more searchers into buyers on page 1 and your listing will stay there.

3. What kind of help/guidance can I expect from SixLeaf?

We have full time support and a staff that is here to answer any questions you have, provide recommendations and guide you through the complete process, start to finish.

4. Is this a monthly subscription or can I sign up for just one month?

While we operate our promotion services on a monthly subscription model, none of our services require a long-term commitment and you can upgrade/downgrade/cancel your service at any time.

5. How many units do I need to giveaway for my product?

Every product recommendation is unique and is based on your product and category. The best way to get started is to send us a link to your listing and from there, we can provide our insight and recommendations based on your listing and competition.

That said, you can use the following loose inventory recommendations to determine if you have enough inventory on hard to get started.

Low competition space/keyword – min. 20 units per day over 7days

Mid competition space/keyword – min. 35 units per day over 7 days

High competition space/keyword – min. 50 units per day over 7 days

6. How many keywords can I target per promotion?

You can target up to 50 keywords per promotion and you can have multiple promotions throughout the month. Depending on the competition you have, we might recommend 1-2 keyword per promotion as not to dilute your promotion inventory.

7. How Do Your Plans Work?

Each of our monthly subscription packages allow you to run unlimited days of promotions per product, per billing cycle.

For example:

The 1 product package at $347, you can run promotions every single day of your billing cycle for that 1 product.

You can upgrade and downgrade your account at anytime in the billing section of your account.

8. Can I expect reviews from a SixLeaf promotion?

ZonBlast is not a review service. As we have positioned from day one, we have maintained the position that requiring reviews in order for buyers to partake in your promotion is outside of both Amazon TOS as well as FTC guidance. We do not require our deals community to leave reviews, nor do we gate access to future products or otherwise force unnatural reviews in any way from our audience.

Amazon has further made changes to reviews where if a buyer purchases your product with a deep discount code, they likely won't be able to leave a review at all.

9. How quickly can I get my promotion started?

You can have your promotion start the next day as long as it is scheduled by 5 PM EST.

10. What are your support hours?

Our normal support hours are 10AM - 6PM EST Mon-Fri.

11. How do I get started?

Simply go to sixleaf.com/zonblast and to get started. Once you have signed up and are logged into your account, you will see a welcome message with detailed instructions and walk-through videos to help guide you onto scheduling your first promotion.

Still have questions? Click the chat button and we'll get you started right away.

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