The goal of any promotion/sale is to increase exposure for your brand. Whether you run a sale to your email list, social media ads or a use service like ZonBlast. An increase in exposure puts your product in front of more people looking for a product just like yours, therefore an increase in opportunity for organic sales.

Specifically when talking about Amazon, this is achieved a large velocity promotion or discounted giveaway. You run a large discounted sale of a product for a certain period of time to incite sales velocity while targeting specific keywords.

ZonBlast accomplishes this by distributing a discounted promotion of your product to our private audience. You create a temporary discount of a product in your Amazon Seller Central account. (typically in the form of single use claim codes) You decide the discount, which keywords to target, how many coupon codes to give out per day and for how many days.

The SixLeaf support team is here to assist and guide you through every step of your promotion.

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