Search Terms within the Amazon Seller Central backend is the most crucial element in ensuring your listing experiences the boost you need to move substantially post-blast and "stick the landing". It's also one of the most poorly managed sections.

We have a few simple suggestions for managing your search terms:

  1. There is a limit of 250 characters, not words. Anything after 250 characters will likely not index at all for your listing.

  2. Commas and special characters are not necessary

  3. No need to repeat words that are already in your Title, Bullet Points or Description.

Ensuring this section is properly managed will ensure that you will stick the landing of a SixLeaf promotion when combined with a listing optimized for conversion rate.

For help in identifying what search terms you need to make the most of your presence in the market and to professionally optimize your entire listing, check out our Optimize servie.

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