When setting up your Blast, Wave or Pulse, deciding which keywords to target can be challenging. Just identifying the right keywords is difficult enough. However, once you've put in the work to find good keywords, we have found the most effective ways to put them to good use so you get the absolute most out of your promotion.

First, it is important to understand what a promotion can do and what its limitations are in regards to ranking for keywords. At SixLeaf, we allow you to target up to five keywords for a promotion. Keep in mind, however, that those five keywords will be spread out among your promotion, and every keyword will get a limited amount of promotional "juice."

For example, if you are blasting 100 units of your product, and you provide us with five keywords, all five will be evenly distributed among those 100 units. So each keyword will essentially only get up to 20 sales. Now, for some products, a surge of 20 sales is enough to rank, but for many, it is not. What you can do here is a) reduce the number of keywords you choose to target for this promotion, so they get more sales each, or b) manipulate the distribution (we allow you to do this too).

You are able to decide what percentage of distribution you want for each keyword in our system. What that means is, if you have three keywords for a 100 unit blast, you can decide to assign to ONE keyword 60% of the promotion, and then only assign 20% each to the other two. This is good for controlling the amount you target really competitive keywords versus not so competitive keywords.

If you wanted to rank for a super competitive keyword as well as for a not-so-competitive longtail, for example, you'd stagger distribution in this way. The three keywords and 100 units mentioned above is only an example. You can assign percentage distribution of your choice to any number of keywords (up to five) and any number of units in your promotion.

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