Everyone has some type of question at one point when setting up a promotion. Whether you’re new or a long time client of SixLeaf, questions will undoubtedly pop up as Amazon is constantly evolving.

So, we’ve created a comprehensive checklist of must do’s, recommendations and suggestions that will hopefully provide answers to questions you didn’t even know you had.


☐ In our experience, to achieve maximum results from each promotion, we suggest you create a brand new promotion within Seller Central for each new promotion you schedule in SixLeaf. This simply helps keep your promotions in Seller Central organized better and just our suggestion. ☐ Set your coupon codes active at least 24 hours before your scheduled blast. (Be aware of PST vs EST as our scheduling is done based on EST) and have the promotions codes end at least on 11:59 PM EST for the last day of your promotion.

Example: If your promotion ends on the 5th, make sure your codes expire in Seller Central at the end of that night as well. This prevents anyone grabbing a code on the 5th and trying to use it on the 6th.

If you want to allow the coupon code to remain live past your SixLeaf promotion dates, that is up to you and will not affect your promotion in any way but we do not recommend it.

☐ When setting up coupon codes, set up the coupon codes to reflect a percentage off. (less than 90% off for example)

☐ Double Check the ASIN you are promoting is input accurately and that it is a “child” variation. (If you have variations)

Amazon typically only ranks one ASIN per keyword. Some niches are the exception, but we've found one variation to be the most common. This means you need to choose a variation to target (NOT the parent). If a variation is already ranking, that is the ASIN you need to target. If you don’t have a variation ranking at all for a keyword yet, then choose the one your research has lead you to believe will be the most popular.


☐ Double check your keywords. Are they relevant to your product and what people are typing into Amazon when searching for a product like yours?

- http://www.sixleaf.com/how-to-choose-keywords-to-target-for-promotions/

☐ Is your listing optimized? If your listing conversion rate (the number of “clicks” to your listing divided by your sales) is lower than your competition average, you could rise in rankings only to fall back down after the promotion is over.

- http://www.sixleaf.com/listing-optimization-the-easy-way/ and decide if a Optimize is right for your listing.

Now, sit back and relax while we do the rest. As always, please reach out to us with any questions and concerns.

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