Retargeting is a technique used by companies of all sizes to keep your audience's engagement throughout the internet using targeted, highly relevant ads.

This is typically accomplished by embedding a pixel or tracking script on a property you own, for example your own Shopify store.

When the visitor lands on your property, they are "pixeled" and information is stored in their browser indicating that they are now a part of your audience.

Now you'll be able to target that user through Facebook ads campaigns, AdWords campaigns, and anywhere else you are able to leverage pixels.

So what's so special about Lynx? Simple: you don't need to get the user to land on a property you own. Simply create a Lynx URL, be sure to include the tracking code of your choice, and we do the rest, sending the visitor through an unseen page that pixels the user, making them "yours" to advertise to when and where you see fit.

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