Link shortener services like bitly are super useful. However, due to their need to be useful in virtually every case possible, they're unable to specialize.

That's where Lynx comes in for the Brand Owner, particularly Amazon sellers.

Lynx is unique in a few key important areas.

First, we allow you to use 16 different URL types, from our industry-leading Heatseeker, to unique clean amazon search page URLs, to WalMart URLs.

Second, we let you create truly custom domains with custom slugs. Have you ever wanted a URL like instead of to use in your campaigns? Now you can do that with SixLeaf's Lynx

Third, we allow you to add up to 9 tracking pixels to your links. From Facebook to TikTok to Pinterest to can pixel any visitor going through a Lynx URL with up to 9 tracking scripts.

Fourth, we functional deep linking for any Amazon links. Instagram and other platforms are coming soon!

Fifth, we include real-time analytics for your URLs.

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