The new Node Score is an indication as to how many many of a Node's Top 100 products sell well as measured against a BSR that is different for each top level category.

Each product on Amazon is assigned a node where it is grouped with similar products. Similar nodes are grouped into sub-categories. Similar sub-categories are grouped into categories. And similar categories are grouped into departments.

Nodes generally have between 1000 and 50k active products.

The SixLeaf Node Score indicates how well the products in a given node are selling, compared with all products in the entire department in which the node resides.

The scale for the SixLeaf Node Score is scored on a 0-10 scale with 10 being the highest possible score.

A high Node Score indicates that this group of similar products are among the more successful products in the department.

A low Node Score indicates that this group of products are among the less successful products in the department and do not sell well.

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