Each product listing on Amazon includes elements that can be measured for quality. Examples include things like quality of images, title, bullet points, description and number of reviews.

In addition, Amazon's customers can leave ratings and reviews which include a number of "stars" that is itself a measurement of product quality.

As a Brand Owner it is important to understand the strength of the competition so you can determine what it will take to compete with them and win. Further, if you plan to sell one of the exact products you've identified as competition, an excellent listing and a high quality product are more likely to score high and sell well against lower score competitors.

The SixLeaf Competition Score™ indicates the general quality of the products and listing elements of products included in search results and is scored on a 0-10 scale with 10 being the highest possible score.

A high competition score indicates excellent listings and customer satisfaction.

A low competition score indicates poor listing quality and low customer satisfaction.

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