As Brand Owners, we generate gross revenue from sales on Amazon. Amazon deducts selling fees and fulfillment costs from our sales revenue and subsequently storage fees as applicable.

Brand Owners should budget for the costs associated with manufacturing the product, shipping to warehouses and/or FBA, advertising and more.

Proper budgeting and estimation is critical for Brand Owners to understand in order to enter a niche and grow consistently and predictably on Amazon.

The SixLeaf Revenue Score™ analyzes the estimated gross revenues and concentration of those revenues across the top sellers of products in a search.

The score also takes into account the fees charged for those products as well as various costs associated with selling on Amazon including storage, FBA fulfillment and more.

A high score indicates that the products enjoy significant cash flow and profitability.

A low score indicates that the products suffer from low sales, low profit, or both.

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