Products that sell well on Amazon are usually searched for frequently using specific keywords that correspond to groups of similar products (nodes) that all sell in significant quantities each day.

When evaluating products, it is helpful to understand the level of demand associated with the search term itself as well as how often that search results in sales for those particular products in comparison with other products in the node and department.

The SixLeaf Demand Score™ analyzes the telltale factors associated with demand for the products in search results, using our proprietary algorithm to determine not just the simple level of searches for those products, but also the rate at which those search results in actual sales of those products compared with other products in the relevant node and department.

A high score indicates that the search term is searched frequently and that the products most closely associated with that search term sell well compared to other products in the node and department.

A low score indicates low search volume, low comparative sales, or both.

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